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  Wedding In Croatia.


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"To put it simply, my wedding would not have happened without Tie the Knot. I would have abandoned all efforts long ago and had a nice, simple and boring wedding in the United States. Sad.


Thankfully, Captain Irma and Sir Filip swooped in to make every one of my wishes come true.

I could not be happier with the memories I have from our wedding, nor more thankful to this amazing team. 10,000 stars!"

If you're thinking of getting married in Croatia finding a perfect wedding planner is your first step. 

Tie the knot  is a perfect wedding planning service in Croatia

If you are looking for a modern, accessible team, that's always here for you, keep on reading!

With our approach and resourcefulness, we helped numerous couples get the best of their wedding in Croatia. 

We equally take care of your needs, but also we are taking care of the need of our vendors. In the end, we get perfect results, because we have happy and motivated vendors that work their best, and clients who trust us and can easily enjoy without any stress. 

Our wedding in Croatia blog has been a starting point for many, many couples, and we have always been here for those with any questions regarding their wedding in Croatia.

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