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Wedding planner in Croatia price

When you’re looking for a perfect wedding planner in Croatia, the price for services is the first question that pops up.
Here we discuss our prices, the way we work, and who are we.

Keep in mind these prices vary and also they are the prices for Tie The Knot Croatia and don’t refer to other wedding planning companies.

A wedding planner in Croatia price based on their experience and knowledge and prices generally vary between companies.

We try to price our services in a reasonable manner so we can be affordable but also so we can provide good quality of services.

Before we get to the prices there are some things you should know about Tie The Knot Croatia.

How much does a wedding planner in Croatia cost?

The wedding planner price in Croatia varies. Our average prices are 1.800eu – 2.800 eu. The price includes planning and coordination. The price varies based on a couple of factors and is different from company to company. 


For full wedding planning in Zagreb the price is 1.800 eu

For full wedding planning on the coast the price is 2.200 eu 

For full wedding planning on the islands the price is 2.500 eu 

For full wedding planning in Dubrovnik the price is 2.700 eu 

On site meetings price: 

Zagreb meeting: 50 eu per meeting

Coast meeting: 250 eu per meeting 

Meeting on the islands: 450 eu per meeting

Meeting in Dubrovnik: 650 eu per meeting


Additional events planning

such as: day before party, day after party, planning of roadtrips and activities, looking for accomodation for guests

250,00 – 450,00 eu *depending on the additional tasks

wedding planner in croatia price

About us: 

We are a young and energetic team that’s been in the wedding industry for 6 years.

We try to educate ourselves on all the categories needed for a perfect wedding, so we can pick the best vendors for our clients. With our enthusiasm and knowledge, we make dreams come true, and we try to be the best support system for our clients.

Wedding planning without packages

We don’t have many policies since we are pretty flexible.

But one of our main policies is we don’t do packages and “fast weddings”.

The reason behind this is we don’t want to offer copy-paste weddings to our clients.

Each season we book a smaller amount of clients and we provide unique weddings completely based on their personality and needs.

wedding planner in croatia price

The range of services + average pricing

1. Wedding planning service in Croatia

We plan your whole wedding, within your budget if possible, in the time frame you assign us.

This includes finding a venue, finding vendors, defining details, making a venue/vendor payment schedule, reviewing contracts with you, communicating with venue/vendors, making a day of schedule, providing detailed schedules made for each vendor individually, wedding coordination the day of the wedding.

Even though many companies price based on percentages from vendors (like a 10%- 15% commission per vendor) or based on your budget (usually 10% of your overall budget).

We price based on your needs, the number of people, the location of the wedding.

Our average prices range from 1.500 -2.500 eu.

The deposit is paid in the beginning and with signing our contract, you book your date.

The rest of the payment is paid based on a payment plan we create together so that it’s comfortable for you.

Our preferred payment method is through Transferwise based on their lower commissions.

However, if you agree to cover the additional costs we are open to other payment methods.


2. Partial wedding planning in Croatia

Partial wedding planning means you took or will take care of at least three big categories yourselves.

The location is a required category that needs to be agreed before booking us.

In this case, our job is to find the rest of the vendors, make a wedding day schedule and coordinate the wedding the day of if needed.

The price is extremely individual here and it’s based on the number of hours that need to be

worked in order to plan the rest of the wedding.

Please keep in mind we need to have all the documents and information exchanged with vendors before booking us. This is essential for our service to work.

Our average price for this service is: 1.500,00eu – 2.000 eu depending on the location 


3. Coordination services in Croatia

If you only need someone to coordinate the day of the wedding, we offer our coordination services on location. All coordination services include a 12h service. If you wish to have us on spot longer than that additional charges may arise.

Our coordination service actually begins at least the month before the wedding.

We would need to get all the info and documents on booked vendors, time to meet them (via email, phone or in person) and time to create schedules for them and the big day.

The average price for this service is: 1.000,00 –  1.600,00 EU depending on location 


4. Elopements in Croatia

This includes planning your stay and wedding day for you, your partner and up to 10 of your closest friends/family.

The prices vary based on the number of people and locations.

The average prices are: 1.000 – 1.300 EU

wedding in split croatia

5. Wedding Styling

If you have everything figured out but you need someone to pick and define the details, incorporate the designs in your wedding vision, and find vendors such as lights, florists and designers for stationery then you need a wedding stylist.

The average price for this service is 800,00 eu and it doesn’t include on site coordination.

stationery design croatia

6. Stationery design

In- house we offer stationery design that includes:

Designing and printing of invitations, thank you cards, table cards, seating charts, itinerary and schedules for the guests.

Upon special request, our designers might create special installations, additional stationery, gifts for the guests, etc.

The price is determined by the amount of design, print and other work involved.

florist in croatia

7. Floral services in Croatia

We offer floral design services.

Keep in mind if we’re also planning your wedding and your flower dreams are big, we might advise you to book a florist beyond our company.

Since we are experts in this category we can help you define your vision and find you a perfect florist that goes along with it.

If you wish to book us only for floral design, if we plan your wedding but: you have a smaller wedding or your wishes aren’t grand, we can give you an estimated price when you provide us the details of your floral needs.


8. On-site meeting

On-site meetings in another town are charged additionally.

The average price is 50 EU – 650 EU (depending on location) for one day or 50eu – 150 per day for 2 days or more.

The price includes travel, accommodation fees and hours worked while meeting with you and vendors. The price may change by the location or amount of work that is expected.


9. Additional events

Many clients wish that we plan additional events for them such as sightseeing, welcome dinner/lunch, pre-wedding activities, and field trips, post-wedding brunch, etc.

The cost of planning additional events varies based on the number of people involved, if coordination is needed and locations in question.

Average prices are 250eu – 450eu per event.

We can also plan accommodation for you and your guests, your Croatian honeymoon, etc.


Prices are available per request with provided details of your expectations + wishes.

Keep in mind all of our prices are prone to change based on the details you give us about your wedding. All the services need to be paid before the wedding day.


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