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Same-sex wedding and travel in Croatia

A same-sex wedding is possible in Croatia! So we can proudly say we are amongst countries where a same-sex union is legal.

To be exact, you can legally form a life partnership in Croatia.

It is the same procedure as a civil union amongst same-sex couples. At, first the only difference between the civil union of heterosexual couples, and life partnership of LBTQ couples was the fact that same-sex couples couldn’t legally adopt children in Croatia.

This however changed through the years.

You can read more about the legal requirements for same-sex couples here:

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Legal requirements for a wedding abroad are usually a little complicated. You can always get married in your home country and then opt for a symbolic ceremony in Croatia.

Why choose Croatia for your same-sex wedding?

Croatia is a great and diverse country, there are a lot of reasons why Croatia is a perfect destination for a wedding.

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But I’m not here to tell you how wonderful and beautiful our country is.

I’m writing this post today to focus on options, advice, and reasons why Croatia is great for your same-sex wedding abroad.

Let’s start with locations.

Croatia isn’t only diverse aesthatically it’s also diverse when it comes to mindset.

Gay tourism in Croatia is a thing for years. There haven’t been any notable homophobic incidents that we should warn you about, so I would say Croatia is pretty safe for same-sex travel. Croatia is extremely safe in general.

But, just like every country, there are regions and towns that are more recommendable, and those where you might feel less comfortable.

The most gay friendly towns and islands for a same-sex wedding in Croatia

1. Same-sex wedding on the island of Hvar

  • This is also one of the most popular islands in Croatia. It is not only popular amongst regular tourists, but also amongst many celebrities that visited it. Such as Princ Harry and Queen Beyonce.
  • It’s also called the sunny island since it has approx. 2760 hours of sunny days per year.

Hvar is fairly small but diverse. The architecture is mostly historic, which looks super cool with all the yachts parked in the harbors. You can feel the history while exploring Hvar, but you can also enjoy some luxury along the way.

On the island of Hvar there are some nice night clubs if you feel like partying, nice restaurants if you’re in the mood for some amazing Croatian dishes, the clear blue sea all around the island, and smaller places that are more calm and relaxing.

It’s also one of the top places to get married in Croatia so choosing Hvar for your same-sex wedding would be totally understandable.

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2. Same-sex wedding in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is another Croatian gem, that got super popular due to Game of Thrones.

It doesn’t matter if you like the series or not, the town itself will probably knock you out of your feet.

Anyways, Dubrovnik is as gay friendly as it gets, so it’s an amazing choice for a same-sex wedding.

Also, according to the website Dubrovnik is one of the hottest LGBTQ locations in the Mediterranean.

In general, Dubrovnik is the number one location to have your wedding in Croatia.

Just like Hvar (but bigger), you can choose if you want to party, explore, eat or relax, the choice is yours!

There are also many islands around Dubrovnik that are great for exploring (and potential wedding locations).

Anyways if you’re for something really fancy and luxurious Dubrovnik is the place to be.

dubrovnik wedding in croatia

3. Same-sex wedding in Istria

Istria isn’t a town or an island, it’s a whole region!

Istria is by far the most liberal region in Croatia.

The mentality of people in Istria is really relaxed and calm. As long as you enjoy a hedonistic lifestyle, good food and wine they really don’t care who you love and marry.

So that’s why we recommend the whole region to be considered when planning your same-sex wedding in Croatia.

The region itself is full of wineries, local food, historic buildings and architecture (we even have a colosseum if you’re into history). It’s surrounded by amazing forests and even better beaches.

Check out this post for more info:

Wedding location wise, you have plenty to choose from.

From wineries, castles, hotels, small villages to towns by the sea, the choice is all yours!

Here’s our take on our top wedding venues in Istria:

castle belaj wedding

4. Same-sex wedding on the Island of Rab

This small island is called the Happy Island. It got this cute name a long time ago, apparently, the Romans believed Rab is the ultimate island of happiness.

And even though the island of Hvar is known as the sunniest place in Croatia, Rab is pretty close.

Also, Rab was the first island in Croatia to “open up” a nudist beach. And all thanks to the English king Edward the VIII who asked if he and his wife could go skinny dipping in the bay of Kandarola. And yeah you can still go skinny dipping there!

Anyways, Rab is a cute little island full of wonderful plants and great beaches.

This is a cool choice if you want to have your wedding in Croatia in a more remote place.

If you’re looking for a location perfect for an elegant and relaxed wedding, but you would also like to party afterwards, Rab is amazing since the Island of Pag (known as a party island in Croatia) is just a short boat ride away!

If you’re interested in the island of Rab for your same-sex wedding look at the wedding we planned there!

how to plan a wedding in croatia

5. Same-sex wedding on the island of Pag

Yes, the previously mentioned island of Pag is both the party island (because of Zrće beach that is full of crazy clubs) but it also has a calmer, more elegant side.

If you would like to have a unique party wedding, you can do it in the middle of Zrće in a restaurant named Nomad.

Or you can leave the party for after the wedding, and celebrate your big day in style in Boškinac. A respected restaurant with only the best food and drinks Croatia has to offer.

This where our top 5 picks for same-sex weddings in Croatia, but there’s plenty more to choose from!

If you need additional inspiraton check out the islands of Brač and Vis.

In the meantime, let us help you plan your big day and contact us through our form:

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