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same-sex wedding croatia

Same-sex wedding and travel in Croatia

A same-sex wedding is possible in Croatia! So we can proudly say we are amongst countries where a same-sex union is legal.To be exact, you can...
coronavirus effect on weddings in croatia

How does Coronavirus affect weddings in Croatia?

Coronavirus and weddings in Croatia. Read our blog and stay up to date on all the info you need while planning your wedding in Croatia during coronavirus.
wedding in croatia photographer

How to plan a wedding in Croatia?

  How to plan a wedding in Croatia? Quick tips Choose a date - Wedding planning time frame shouldn't be more than a year and a half in advance.  Research Croatian regions to find the one that...
wedding vendors in croatia price

Wedding vendors in Croatia + prices

Wedding vendors in Croatia come at all shapes, sizes, styles, and prices. Today we are going to do our best to explain how to pick the perfect vendors. And also discuss some average pricing.Before you even...
hotel arbiana

Wedding venues in Croatia

When it comes to wedding venues in Croatia there's plenty to choose from. This is also the most important part of wedding planning, so take your time until you find the perfect one.These are some...
price of wedding in croatia

Wedding planner in Croatia price

When you're looking for a perfect wedding planner in Croatia, the price for services is the first question that pops up.Here we discuss our prices, the way we work, and who are we. Keep in...
coronavirus effect on weddings in croatia

Croatia “must see” list

After visiting Croatia to experience the destination for your wedding, we suggest you prolong your vacation with at least a few more days to experience the country a little bit. The fact that it is...
island of rab

Hotel Arbiana, Rab – A Cool Wedding On The Happy Island

The magical boutique hotel Arbiana is located in the center of the island of Rab. It's a beautiful venue made for creating the most breathtaking weddings.The  Wedding location - Rab island The Island of Rab...
wedding florist split

Legal requirements for a wedding in Croatia

Figuring out the legal requirements for a wedding in Croatia is one of the first steps you'll be taking. What do you need to get married in Croatia?  Choose what kind of legal ceremony for a...
alternative weddings croatia

Alternative weddings – The Wedding Style Guide

Alternative weddings are a good way to have a special wedding designed for your personality and needs.    Are you tired of browsing endless Pinterest pages of wedding inspiration and not finding anything? Do you really just...