Venues in Croatia

Finding the perfect wedding venues in Croatia is the first step towards your magical wedding. We're always looking and discovering new and exciting wedding venues in Croatia to fit all types of wedding styles. If our favourite wedding venues in Croatia aren't your dream come true, we try real hard to find a new wedding venue just for you. This way we can offer something for everyone, all over Croatia! We try to look beyond the standard options and find special wedding locations in Croatia for all of our clients. It doesn't matter if your perfect wedding venue is a traditional Croatian setting, a historical castle, a fun beach bar, a private island, yacht, hotel or even a party island, we have something for you. Find your perfect wedding venue in Croatia today and fill out our form

Some of our favourites

Boutique hotel venue

Historic venue

A big hotel venue

Beach bar venue

Winery wedding

Party venue

Castle wedding

Traditional tavern

Fort wedding

And many many more

Wedding venues in Croatia basic info

The most popular wedding locations in Croatia are: Dubrovnik, Split and Hvar. If your mind isn't 100% set on this towns, there's plenty of less known regions, islands and towns you can look into. Croatia is so fun to explore and we can't wait to walk you through!If your perfect wedding venue is a popular one, you should book as soon as possible, unless you are okay with compromises regarding your wedding date. Even the most popular wedding venues in Croatia always have free dates during the week. If the wedding venue of your choosing is not as known, you don't nee to worry about booking. If your perfect venue is a town or two away from the airport, don't stress about it! Keep in mind Croatia is fairly small and it's easy to get from one place to another. If you'r perfect wedding venue is a villa but you have too many guests to accommodate, the owners of the villas for rent always have great connections and recommendations for additional accommodation near the villa. Some outside of the box options for a wedding venue in Croatia are: Beach clubs/bars/restaurants, glamping sites, traditional restaurants, boats/yachts, wineries etc.