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Wedding In Croatia 101

Q & A

Q: What are the most popular locations to get married?


A: The most popular locations for weddings are: Split, Dubrovnik, Hvar and Istria region. 

Split & Dubrovnik because of great historical options ofc the Game of Thrones sets (and yes, some are available for weddings), Hvar because of its luxurious reputation (who wouldn't want to get married in the same place that Prince Harry partied at?), and Istria because of it's Italian vibe (we think it's even better, but keep in mind the best places don't have a sea view. Instead, you get an amazing view at wineries or woods). 

We always suggest digging deeper though, there are many undiscovered gems that are as amazing!

Q: How hard is it to actually get married in Croatia?


A: Croatia has many amazing things, bureaucracy however isn't one of them. It is possible to form a civil union and religious marriage here, but you'll need a little patience (and our help of course) 

*Pro tip - There's always an option of a symbolic ceremony. Some of the prettiest, most emotional ceremonies we've seen have been symbolic. 

One of your close friends can do it, a family member or a hired vendor.

Q:What abut gay marriage? 

A: Gay marriage is sort of legal in Croatia. You can legally form a life partnership with your partner here. Croatia is mostly gay friendly, but some cities/regions are more friendly than the others.

There are places in Croatia that would be more than happy to help you celebrate your love no matter the sexual orientation. 

Q: When should I start planning our wedding in Croatia? 

A: Keep in mind weddings in Croatia are getting crazy popular, a lot of vendors book super fast and a lot in advance. We suggest you start your bookings at least 6 months ahead, but the sooner the better. 

Q: Should my partner and I arrive in Croatia before our big day to check everything out? 

A: If you trust your planner and you have no other reason to visit Croatia, there's really no need. 

Most things can get sorted and booked while you're at home waiting for your big day. 

Q: What months are the best to get married? 

A: Everything from May to early September works.

Most clients want to get hitched during the full on summer season. This is possible only if you book your date in time.  Not only the wedding season is crazy, but cities and islands get full with tourists. In order to find accommodation and have everything you dreamed of, the planning should start early. 

Off season weddings are magical as well, for fall and winter you should think a little out side of the box but there are some amazing options. 

Q: What vendors should I think about first? 

A: The first vendor is always the location, after that it's the catering (if the location doesn't provide food), music, photo & video. When you have this things booked, you can relax and wait for the next phase of planning. 

Q: Why do I need you for? 

A: No one NEEDS a planner, but we strongly suggest you have one. Even if your final pick isn't Tie the knot, it's good to have a local on your side. 

We take care of everything in Croatia, and all the planners know most of the vendors, so your planning can run smoothly. 


- Most Croatians aren't fully responsive to E-mail and they prefer phone calls or face to face meetings.


- Even though most Croatians speak at least one more language, you can always run into a vendor you really like that isn't speaking english. 

In this cases, it's good to have us on your side. 


- Also, the day of protocol and vendor organisation should be your last worries.  

- And last but not least, just think about the time zones and the differences. It's really hard to communicate and get things done (but not with us, we work in a Croatian time zone and then we're available at later hours for our clients) 

Q: You are a company from Zagreb and I want to get married on the coast, how does this work? 

A: Even though we are in the capital and most of our weddings are at the coast, we never had a problem because of the distance. 

Keep in mind you can get fairly quick from one side of Croatia to the other (at least for American standards). If absolutely necessary we travel to the location before the wedding, we do so. 

We also travel for clients that come to Croatia a couple of months before the wedding to see and taste everything in person. 

I like to think that the fact we're from the capital is actually a good thing. We have connections and easy access to both local vendors and the ones from Zagreb (that travel if needed)

Q: What about tips? Are they expected? 

A: Tips aren't an official part of our culture. If you feel like tipping the vendors you liked, go for it, they will love it! But if you don't feel like doing it it's totally fine. 

Q: Do locals like tourists? 

A: Most locals love tourists as long as they behave nicely. Especially if they find out you're here to get married, Croatians LOVE weddings. 

We're loud and passionate, but don't let it fool ya, we are a warm nation that loves meeting new people and hanging out. 

 If you have ANY additional questions, don't be a stranger and hit us up at: contact@tietheknotcroatia.com 

We would love to get to know you!


Let us know what your dream wedding looks like, and leave the rest to us.

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